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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the lag in posts since my 1st's been a crazy world.

Anyhow, I am looking to eventually swap out my brake set-up for the new charger. Now here is the rub (no pun intended) I am trying to get my info together for which brake system would work/be best for my girl...which is the issue. (I think STOP is just as important as GO...actually rephrase...maybe MORE):driving:

1) Time is NOT a factor...its a new car and the factory brakes are fine for now. (but we are charger owners...when is "fine" really good enough? LOL)

2) It's a 2011 RT MAX...AWD...that's the real issue with the newness and options and all.

3) It IS my daily driver...and no I am NOT planning on "Tracking It" or "Dragging" on a regular basis.

4) I live in the NY Metro Area, so the road conditions suck and people drive like they are on Meth all day and night while txt'ing and reading the paper. SO I am looking for something to give my 4400 lbs beast a little edge in that "Oh crap that truck just locked up his brakes on rt80 for no good reason" situation.

5) Should I be looking at pads? rotors? or both?

I have been reading about the Brembo and Wilwoods among others...but obviously any suggestions would be awesome. I was wondering if the new SRT 2012 brakes might be a good option? (But maybe overkill)

I am pretty good under a hood but I am a total brake noob :confused:
Any advise from the brake gods would be brilliant. :bowdown:
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