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Brand new, still in box.
Why I'm selling them?
After i had placed the order for these brakes, before I could have them installed my car died... so i have these brakes left over. And they are taking up space.

Prefer to sell em' to someone within the vicinity of Palo Alto, CA to avoid shipping.

Two Front Centric Rotors
Centric 12563061
Outer Diameter - 13.58"

Two Rear Centric Rotors
Centric 12563062
Outer Diameter - 12.60"

Raybestos Front Brake pads

Raybestos Rear Brake Pads

Selling it all for $260 - a good deal!

If interested please send me a PM


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sorry for the late response.
The brakes were originally going on my 2006 Charger R/T 5.7L
Brand new, opened them just to take pictures


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