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BR5 brake option info

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Hey fellas,

I'm changing brakes all the way around, I called dodge and they told me I had the BR5 brake package and the touring suspension.

Does that mean I have 13.6 brakes in front and 12.5 behind? I'm so confused.

Thanks in advance.

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What year and model car do you have? Do you have any special packages (eg, Blacktop)?

For most 2011+ Chargers, Touring Suspension was standard on SE, SXT, and AWD models.

For most 2011+ SE and SXT chargers, front brakes were 12.6.
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If you have an R/T (including R&T), you have the performance tuned suspension. R/Ts (RWD) have 13.6" brakes in front.

I quick way to check to see if you have a Road & Track, is to check the R/T emblem on the front grill. If its red, its an R & T.
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I think that would work.

What exactly are you changing?
Can anyone tell me if these are the right control arms for my R/T?
You might want to take a look at the SPC arms. They cost more but are adjustable.
Hopefully this will stop my dreaded front end clunk
Hope it does, but if it doesn't, you've got company. More than a few folks get this at some time. My memory fails me on this, but I want to say many are related to the end links. In any event, if it returns, SEARCH can be your friend.

Good luck!
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