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BR5 brake option info

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Hey fellas,

I'm changing brakes all the way around, I called dodge and they told me I had the BR5 brake package and the touring suspension.

Does that mean I have 13.6 brakes in front and 12.5 behind? I'm so confused.

Thanks in advance.

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I have a 09 R/T, I thought it was R&T but I'm not so sure now. I'm thinking I have 13.6 up front and 12.5 behind but I'm not sure. The dodge dealer said I had brake package BR5 and touring suspension (SDC was the code I think).

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Okay, awesome, so on a lot of the kits it says R/T and police package. Will I be okay with those kits?

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Rotors, pads, and hardware. Got lowering springs, Koni shocks, and moog upper and lower control arms for both sides coming. Going to be a busy weekend, lol

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Ohh yeah and a Diablo I-1000 :))))

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Can anyone tell me if these are the right control arms for my R/T? Just want to make sure before I order.

I can't seem to find oem part numbers to compare.

Text Font Line Screenshot Number

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Well guys, I finally got everything ordered:

Moog R series Control arms, upper and lower on both sides.

Moog sway bar end links, both sides.

Power Stop drilled and slotted rotors with ceramic pads all the way around.

Koni orange shocks all the way around.

Eibach lowering springs.

Finally, Diablo Intune 1000.

Hoping everything gets here by Friday so I can get everything on. Hopefully this will stop my dreaded front end clunk, if this dosnt fix it, I don't know what else I can do (did tie rod ends two months ago) Il let y'all know how it goes!

Thanks got all of your help!

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Hope it does, but if it doesn't, you've got company. More than a few folks get this at some time. My memory fails me on this, but I want to say many are related to the end links. In any event, if it returns, SEARCH can be your friend.

Good luck!
Thanks buddy!

And yes, end links do seen to cause a lot of the clunks. But I have also seen a lot of ball joints and tie rod ends.

I'm just hoping that by knocking everything out at the same time, I can let my mind have some peace knowing everything is new. Especially since I'm lowering this heavy beast.

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