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Well, I finally got them installed today before old man winter decided to blast Columbus again with cold temperatures and snow. I am very pleased with the results and the sound. Took the dealership only 1hr 15min to install and they did a perfect job. Just like everyone has mentioned one tip is slightly lower than the other. From what I have read here, this is a common issue with the Borla system. Its not enough that you notice or that I care to mess with.

Quiet and slight rumble at idle, but when you get on it you can definitely here it and feel it. Day 1 of driving with them installed and I can feel a much quicker acceleration. I am certain this is due to a combination of better exhaust flow and lighter than stock catback system.

Eventually I plan to add LT headers to the system, but gonna enjoy these for awhile before I do that. (also need to save up some more cash) It is definitely a better system than the Daytona stock exhaust. As this breaks in and I get a few hundred miles on it its only gonna get better.
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