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402 Motoring is the sole distributor for Frank Racing. Because of that and the the fact there are some very cool packages that we will be offering of those I thought I would wet your appetites for power and dependability.

While FRI is not 100% ready yet, they just received their first set of Frank Racing pistons in.................they are custom made for FRI by Diamond Racing Pistons and are specific to their design.

They've ordered 2 sets for 2 different customers and soon will be able to release solid pricing for customers...........

They are actually building 3 motors at this time........

Project FART - 1968 Dodge Dart GT

5.7 Frank Racing Econo short block - 4.00" bore, forged rods, cast crank

Project to be named later - 2005 Dodge Magnum

5.7 Frank Racing Street short block - 381 cubic inches w/ forged everything

The HEMI GREMI - 1977 AMC Gremlin

5.7 Frank Racing Extreme - destroker using a big bore / short stroke and built for 7400 RPM


Building these will help FRI figure pricing correctly but as soon as they nail down their costs, they will release this to 402 MOTORING exclusively for distribution..........

The 3 levels of performance will be........

FRI Econo - Which allows the customer to up grade their bottom end to custom forged big-bore pistons, forged rods, and cast crank. This will include upgraded bolts, rings, pin, and all the associated hardware needed. This is the best bang for the buck to increase the strength of all the 5.7's weak spots at a FRACTION of the cost of all those expensive stroker motors.

FRI Street - The next step in performance which allows the customer to step up to a forged crank as well with the available option of a stroker motor. This kit also will come with all the needed parts and hardware.

FRI Extreme - Even a further step using very very light parts, full coatings, up graded bolts, and alot of custom work..........

These motors will dominate everything currently on the market and are made to use exotic fuels, nitrous, blowers / turbos, and high RPMs.

An Extreme customer will also need to use FRI custom valve train parts and the assocaited FRI Extreme Heads for best results........

We look forward to the 2008 track season and how 402 Motoring can meet all your performance needs.


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how will the econo application take to being blown? will that be part of the testing?
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