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Black Grill For Sale

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I have the black grill off my car for sale. I replaced it with the chrome. if any one wold like it let me know, Im not sure what it would be worth or I would sell it on e-bay. so if anyone on here would like just set a price and if the price is within reason I will find a way of getting it to you.
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its the pearl black, I think the color they call it is brilliant black pearl or something. nice looking grill, the wife just wanted chrome for some reason.
it is off the SE. cross hair style. once I figure out how to post a PIC I will. It was real easy to replace. only 4 screws hold it on. 2 screw are in a tight spot but still pretty easy.
sorry but I already got rid of it. the highest bidder already made the deal.
you can get it threw the dealer. I bought my chrome one for 180. you just have to give them a vin #. I gave them the vin off of a R/T so that I could get the chrome one.
gserp4sox said:
Andyang22, Please check your private messages.
sent you a Private Message with your tracking #
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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