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It's official I've had enough, some time last year I bought a procharger kit with upgraded head unit to the d1sc an 8lb kit gauges injectors and a fuel pump.

LX/LC HEMI Dual Pump Fuel Hat By Arrington Performance

The fuel pump is where I've had all my problems with the car since. And the only part of this $10k+ Kit I bought that was made by Arrington. It's almost like I was a test dummy with it, I installed everything on point no issues (my car has never been to a shop accept for a dyno tune and at this point have done supercharging danko wide body paint a lot of lighting and audio never had an issue) so back to the point I rigged up there fuel pump exactly how they said to in instructions. Success car turns on works we'll yay grabs beer. Okay works we'll got a series of months then I drive to Florida once again made it no problems yay okay so on the way home I'm smelling gas and I had just filled up so I was like alright maybe it's nothing, no fuel hat melted where the wires go into the tank because there wireing was utilizing the stock 2 power wires for the original pump and now powering 2 fuel pumps inside the tank with a extra boost of power from a relay so those tiny wires for the stock fuel pump got way to hot because I was driving for ten hours straight, I knew when installing this seemed kinda shot but what other way was there and Arrington seemed like a good company to trust at the time. Back to the drive so because it melted it sparked wires outside tank now and ended up lighting my gas tank on fire at the fuel hat. This was super fun because I was driving (it really wasn't a huge fire just some small amount of gas that was leaking out of the melted hole I was able to extinguish it) okay call up Arrington took a few days to get a response with me calling every day but okay they apologize and send me the billet fuel hat that has 2 sets of wires running out of it that they came out with and there sending me it for free!! Wow thanks okay we'll now that's been installed but the 30 amp draw that the aftermarket fuel pump uses keeps burning out and the power wire for that pump runs hot so I've been trying to contact again because I'm not about to blow up again as my tank is slightly leaky since the first fire I know I should fix it but am currently waiting to have the money to change my rear diff and do gas tank at same time and yes again it's like pulling teeth to get a response I was assured 2 day wait at most to talk to a tech so I emailed again a couple days later and a week later and now it's been another week and I'm over it point is avoid there pumps and don't expect Customer service after you pay

:beerchug: ahh it was nice to go on a rant while sitting here waiting for a root canal
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