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I have been talking to a lot of people about E-85 fuels and using it safely for more performance.

Straight gasoline has 126,000 btu per gallon and straight ethanol has 87,500 btu per gallon.

So 85 x 87,500 = 74,375 btu + 15 x 126,000 = 18,900 btu.

74,375 + 18,900 = 93,275 BTU.

Remember that ethanol has a Research Octane Number of 108.6 and a motor octane of 89.7 for a typical R+M/2 rating of 99.15.

So take typical out of the pump E-85 and you have a potential of 97.62 octane rating...assuming 89 octane fuel R+M/2 with the 99.15 Ethanol.

However, there is still a lot of water that is absorbed if the fuel is left in the tank and especially if it is not kept full when storing it. The moisture also causes the fuel to deterioriate/oxidize and create formic acid that eats everything.

So while it has less btu and the hygroscopic nature of creating acids, it is still a decent fuel to run for more power and performance.

What we suggest is using ACES IV-A that is designed for use with ethanol and methanol. Using the materials at 1/2 oz per gallon up to 2.3 oz per gallon in the E-85 will get the ignition improving, detergency and lubricity effects imparted in an E85 engine. These effects are also what regular ACES IV typically brings to longevity in regular E10 or even straight gasoline.

ACES IV-A comes in 1 gallon increments and is $195.00 per gallon.

It treats between 256 gallons of fuel and 55 gallons of E-85 fuel. (.5 oz to 2.3 oz per gal)

It is just another option for use in the go fast club using ethanol.:rocker:

BND Automotive LLC:driving:
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