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Having failed to road test my car at 65-80mph, I paid the price by noticing a vibration in the wheel at those speeds. As many here know, one of the first things to check is wheel balance on a road force machine ($40 at Chrysler dealer). I have 20" chrome clads with Goodyear RSAs.

When I took the car to the dealer, the tech said it wasn't necessary because the two rear wheels were damaged. One had a 3" "crease" (not deep) near the center of the wheel and one may have had a small dent on the lip (I couldn't see it.). Additionally, the tech said one tire had "shifted belts."

The tech saved me a few bucks by doing a high-speed balance on one front tire. The other tire was perfectly balanced. After an $18 charge, I drove the car home on the freeway and ran it 65-100mph. The vibration was gone.

Today, I called one of Chrysler's wheel and tire techs at Auburn Hills (I retired and knew the manager for some time) and he told me there is no such thing as "belt shift." He said problems can occur when tire centers do not store inventory properly and there are occasional bad lots of tires from the manufacturer that result in a number of problems such as flat spots, uneven wear, etc.

While a number of problems can occur with belt, they don't shift, he explained. He said what some consider "belt shift" is actually a tire tread issue where it may not be perpendicular to the center of the wheel. If this occurs, the car may pull to the right or left, based on location of the tire. Based on what I told him and without him looking at the car, he said it was possible the PO hit a fairly large pothole and the front tires at high speed avoided most of the damage but the trailing rear wheels took the hit.

Sorry for the explanation but my car doesn't pull in either direction and, as mentioned, the vibration at high speed is gone.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm trying to get by on a small pension and can't afford new wheels and tires after buying the car and would like to know just how bad this is - considering the car is rolling along fine now.

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