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Made a rookie error (even though I have a plausible excuse) and connected the terminals the wrong way, for 7 - 9 seconds. Burning smoke from the front. I have now replaced the alternator. The car does start and run BUT....

no power door locks... no wipers... no washer... no heated turn lights.. no high beam... no steering wheel controls.

I have checked all the fuses and had two blown. A 30 amp in the rear fuse box. (Spot 30 I recall.. "heated seats" although he heated seats still do not work after a new fuse)... and another 30 amp fuse... Washer / Wiper... again.. replaced but still does not work. Note: I have also removed and checked the IOD and it is fine. (100 Amp)

I have read on this site similar experiences and something about a Steering Column Control Module? Or possible a front module? That said, if it IS the SCCM would that also effect the power door locks and windows?

Anyone have some extra diagnostics I can follow at this time. As I say, I have checked all the fuses in the two boxes and only one was blown? I want to try and see if it is the SCCM or the front module that is the issue.
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