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I just ordered the Predator/AFE Combo and wanted a baseline to compare the results to. I've got a buddy with an '05 GTO, so at lunch today we went for a run... I actually hung with him better than either of us thought.

1st run was from about 35 mph and we shut 'er down at about 115. He was about 3 lenths ahead, but said he blew a shift.

2nd run from about 40 up to 100...similar results

3rd was from about 35 again I was slow to react; basically saw him go and punched it. He had me by 5 at 100.

All in all, I'm pretty happy and he was fairly impressed with the R/T. Hopefully, I can get the CAI, thermostat and the Predator in before he puts the Goat down for the winter.
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