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So some of you may remember the unfortunate fate of my 06 R/T a year ago last month:
I completely redid the interior and changed a bunch of stuff in the 03 Ram and was driving the Magnum while stripping the old Charger carcass. Well the Magnum is finally succumbing to age and years of previous owner neglect so it's time to take her off the road for a while and fix stuff and start transferring the rest of the goodies from the old Charger to the wagon. In the meantime, as fun as my truck is to drive it's HORRIBLE on gas lol, so I looked around and found this local, 2012 SRT for a good price. Figured a 6.4 w/MDS will still get better mileage than my truck. It's a win-win either way, I keep it for a while and trade it in on a hellcat (almost bought one of those but couldn't justify it financially right now) or the baltimorons wreck it for me and I have more SRT parts and a 392 to transplant lol. I'll get better pics later.


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