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AWD specific Front Strut & LCA Bushing Inquiries

It is about time again to see if we can generate enough interest in the AWD community to manufacture the front struts, and LCA bushings

The lower control arm bushings are a challenge to the AWD because the wear out quite easily and requires an expensive set up lower control arms. No one makes them.

the front struts for the AWD have very limited opportunities to go with a performance strut that has a great ride quality at a reasonable price.

Here is the challenge. Pedders can make these parts easily. But to make the dies, fixtures, molds, etc, we need a minimum order of 25 sets. I am trying to comply with minimum orders, and yet support this vast community.

I have posted this info maybe a year ago and will try again. To start, I really do not want any heat from the LX community for trying to do this like I got the last time. I am trying to meet the requirements of Pedders, and try to benifit the needs of the AWD LX community.

So here are some approximate prices:

Front LX AWD struts will cost between $125 and $150 a piece as an estimate. The 4 lower control arm bushings will cost for all 4 approximately $150 to $200 for a complete set. I believe this is serioulsy lower than replacing the lower control arms.

This post is to find out if there is interest in these 2 products.


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