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Hey everyone,

I have a 2006 3.5 SXT and I would really love the windows to automatically go up.......with that being said do all window control modules support auto up or would that need to be swapped out? Right now the driver window goes down automatically but up would be great call me lazy cause......I am:)

Also, I saw the write up on changing the cluster colors on a dual zone cluster but unfortunately I dont have the dual zone in my ride so does anyone know where I can find the + and - contacts for the base cluster as I want to color match......

Thanks oh and I have compared this to the forum site for my wifes 2007 Altima and this one is HANDS DOWN better.

Good job Charger lovers.

SLC out

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It will actually take a different control module and different motors for the windows since they need sensors to tell when they're fully up and fully down. Right now your driver's window motor has a sensor to know when it's fully down but not up and the passenger's window motor doesn't have either sensor. There are aftermarket options, though.
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