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auto body shop and paint assistance

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:beerchug:so i just picked up my m.f. ride from the port today and boy was i not happy to see what they had done to it.......paint scratched and rubbed off from front bumper.... cracked paint on the rear.... scratches all over the place and a curbed rim... and that some bs..... i need some places to go to that would give me a good enough estimate so they will pay me the money it would actually cost to fix it.....the paint just cant be touched up in spots and the whole thing has to be repainted..... if i can ride with someone this weekend to a shop that would be cool.... please help me out here..... or you can reach me at 270 231 6404.. call or text me ... thanks ... also maybe a stereo shop cause i gotta get some fuzes due to them making me disconnect the sub in the trunk.... im down for the next meeting!!!!!
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Call USAA and ask them for their auto body shops, they will recommend you to a good shop
no offenseand i appreciate this advice but i have a car that i have alot of money into and candy paint.... im not going to take my ride to a shop that is recommended by insurance companys only cause i have a friend who has a shop in europe that does claims for insurance companies and he doesnt get to spend the time he needs on the cars cause of to many claims.... i want someone who will take their time and do it right... but thanks tho man , i do appreciate it
you feel like takin a ride out there with me ? lol
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