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Well first off, I wanted to say thanks to the whole forum. This is an awesome place to go for info, and there are some extremely helpful people on here. I haven't come across one person who brushed me off, or acted like I was a waste of their time. It's so refreshing to see a forum where there's smart, helpful members who won't blast you for an opinion. I've been a member here for about 6 months now, but sparingly have I posted anything. I've probably spent more time (and a little money) messing up than anything else.

Well here's how it started. I liked the stock system in my charger, but I wasn't 100% happy with it. I started looking into basic ways to upgrade it, yet I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea about rms ratings, amplifiers, speaker sizes, you name it and I didn't know it. After about a week of looking around, my knowledge of everything was much better. All I wanted was 4 new speakers, and an amplifier that had line level connections. After browsing around on here though, I found out that the sound would be crappy if I decided to go that route. I figured I'd try it anyways, and ended up buying the crap. A Sony 4 channel amp, 2 sets of Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers, 1 Coaxial 1 Component, and the crappy mounting brackets that came with em'. After hearing how much bass they didn't put out, I decided to get a loaded subwoofer. A Dual sbp8a, I figured it'd sound good. Well, I was wrong on everything. The Sony amp died on me, which I replaced with a Kenwood one. The speakers ended sounding like death, the sub looked nice but made my ears throw up, and the crappy line out converter probably was to blame for all of this. I had to sell everything, and start over. To make it short, I bought good products the second time, but messed up setting the gains and completely destroyed everything before I even put anything in.

So what happened? I ended up doing more research, took my time and did the installs over the weekend. I'm more than happy with everything. It honestly took me about 6 hours to install my headunit, but more of that was me not being prepared beforehand. Here's what I have in now

1 Pioneer AVH P3200BT - Awesome headunit, amazing price and the UI is awesome. I just wish the usb cable was in the back

4 Memphis PR 6x9 speakers - They're coaxial speakers, yet to me they sound great. I don't have the ear for installing component speakers yet, and these will sound perfect for 99% of people installing their first system. Plus they have a lifetime warranty!

1 Memphis PR 12' Sub - I have tons of positive things to say about this sub. It puts out plenty of bass for me, plus with the equalization settings I can tune it to my liking. For my first sub it was a great purchase.

1 Planet Audio RX 5.600 Amp - This is a pretty old amp, it became discontinued about 2 years ago. I'm not going to lie, I know it's not a great amp, but it works perfect for me. I actually had this amp benched before I bought it, and it puts out very near to what it claims. This amp was one of the last ones made before Boss took them over and made em' worse.

I know my speakers aren't CDT Components, or my sub isn't made by Digital Designs, or my amp isn't Cadence. I'm very happy with what I have though, so hopefully no one hates. Plus it's not like I have a car full of Pyle, Rockwood and Lanzar.


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