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Apex/Cary meet at McGregors

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6 Cars showed up despite the 103 temp. 5 Chargers and a 300. Below is a link to pictures. I'll add captions as you guys send me your info. Sorry, I don't remember all the names and forum names. This will help me learn. It was fun. MacGregor.html
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It was great to get out and meet some other forum members. The heat was high but so was our enthusiasm. Great experience and I look forward to doing again..! In fact, while we were at MacGregor's the sales manager for Hendrick Dodge stopped in and said he could help us on a future meet by allowing us to have it at the Dodge house and they would fire up there grill.
I'll post the pictures I took later today. Thanks to those that that made it.
As promised, some more pics of the M&G yesterday.

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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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