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Anyone out there?

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Let's try for next months muscle car show at Windward Mall on July17 @ 5pm / 1700 hrs......Anyone. I would like to tailgate so to speak. I have to work that nite, but not until 2200.......Aloha
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which academy?
Hey guys, I been so busy with this campaign that I have not even washed my rig in a real long time. It is humiliating. My neighbor makes fun of me my charger is so dirty. I should be shot..... :O

Maybe I can stop by to see whats up. I just can not promise to be there 4 sure.

all the best! seems my wife and I are on a double date that nite that's out. Maybe we could try for August? Hey Dustin....what's up? Have you put interior LEDs inside? I did, but the map lights keep dying. Any help? Maybe I need a different fuse? I don't know......
Haven't had any issues with my LEDs. I used the kit from AAC. I think they're a sponser of this site.
I bought mine from AAC also....they said they had a bad batch of the dome lights....bought some from DDM tuning.....we'll see. AAC is sending replacements again.

Artie...sorry I missed your son's party. I totally forgot about our Maui trip the wife and I planned for her parents....sorry again, brother...It wasn't intentional....Andy
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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