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Anyone make R/T Rims in 20" or 22"?

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Hey everyone, This is my first post, but I've been lurking for a while. I wanted to know (as I cannot find anything myself) if anyone makes replica's of the R/T stock rims in larger sizes? 20's or 22's? If not, has anyone found something similar in aftermarket? I like the simplicity of the rim and think it suits the car.

If someone has any suggestions for very close alternatives (thick 5 spoke) please respond. (No Chrome please!)

Here is a photochop (not greatly done) of my car.... I like these rims... a lot. :D

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I do like the SRT8's but I'd prefer to have something that either belongs on a R/T or aftermarket while still keeping that same look. When I see the SRT's I think 6.1 (of course) and there are lots of stock SRT8's around here, so I see those rims all the time. I just love the R/T rims.... they are just too small. I am not a big fan of the Challengers, SRT8's are my preference between the two. I love the vipers, different style...... but I'd prefer the 5 spoke. If there is nothing like the stock R/T's in 20" or 22" then I guess SRT8's or Vipers are my only choice.... It's a good choice but I still would of have prefered the R/T's in the bigger size.

So.... is there any aftermarket rims that fit and look like the R/T rim? They don't have to be exact.... Anyone?

Wolfie! :beerchug:
It's Friday night...... I have had a long week so I am in..... everyone is out having fun, I'm sure. :beer_yum: or enjoying their ride :driving:

I agree KStryker! Your ride is looking sweet. :bigthumb: Those SRT8 rims are looking nice with the torred.
The turn signal mod enables the side marker lights to be used as turn signals.... it's safer as cars next to me can now see me signaling. It's so simple as well, instructions are on the site somewhere... hang on.....
Yeah the front ones.... FYI here's the mod instructions:

It made my R/T gain 10 HP...... or not. :banana:
Don't they! The look sweet! :rocker:

Anyone with any aftermarket suggestions?

If you lower your car it will make ur wheels look bigger IMO, thats what i did.
Can you post a pic or a link of your car from the side profile.... oh and what lowering kit did you use?
Just checking back in on this as those really look good!I can't believe that no one has tried or had a custom billet set made yet.
I wonder if we approaced Billet Tech on a custom set where the price would fall.HMMM.
It can't be too hard to take the stock wheel,Scan it and enlarge some of the dimensions to come up with a program if the specs from the original molds can't be had.
That is a great idea! :clap: Does Billet Tech do that kind of thing?
Maybe if there was enough interest we could do a group buy to lower the price? or something?

I love these rims!! I like the fact it looks like they belong on the car from the factory. Yet would be custom.
Bump.... anyone? :zlurking:
That's a good idea, I'll send them an email.
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