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Anyone in Hawaii have Pedder's Suspension

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Anyone in Hawaii got Pedders Suspension on their LX?

I spoke to Pedder's Suspension USA owner, Peter, via phone yesterday. I need to take some photos and check some things underneath. He is going to give a quote for parts/shipping. Pedders is a pretty in depth company, as far as it is not just coil overs / sway bars. It is a custom suspension order just for your car.

I was going to do the heads and cam package, but I think the suspension would be more sensible at this point, so I don't kill my self w/ the extra power!! ....especially when I am chasing the blacked out rice burners on the H-3 at work.
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Just got back from Lex's a few minutes ago. Cooper said the head mech / admin guys were just checking w/ their insurance guys. He said Pedder's would be possible, as it is a system / kit type. They don't modify stock suspensions due to liability (understandible). They definitely have the space and numerous bays, w/ lots of equipment. Parking is great. Cooper said it doesn't seem like a problem, and seemed very positive about it all. I told him there are a lot of guys at HPD who have the LX platform and a potential for some good business via Pedder's.

If there is any place else you need me to scope out I will. I leave tommorow for Oregon and get back on the 1st. I will check my e-mail.

You can also try DJ's Motorsports...several locations. Not sure of their equipment, but have a fairly extensive knowledge base of suspension work: They actually have 3 locations, I think....let me know, Andy

45-618 Kamehameha Hwy # A
Kaneohe, HI 96744-2000
(808) 234-6222
Man you are too much!!! Thank you. Cooper and Kieth sound like good guys. I spoke with both of them. They seem very open to working with us. It looks like we are getting very close to removing tentaive from the Pedders Luau!
Hey DMS/ Pete,
Up here in Oregon checking e-mail, ect. How's Project Pedder's "Five-0", coming? I get home from the mainland on Friday. Let me know if I can do anything to help.......maybe have a ride to coincide w/ the install and bar-b-que? Or any leg work needs anything....take care
Both Pete and myself have been seriously busy, and have not had much time to chat together on this. This is primarily a Pete project. He is traveling this week and do not know the current status. I will send him a note to see if there is an update. The last time he mentioned it I think they were in the final stages of a shop accepting us.

I am working remotely this week, but staying closed to this. I WANT TP COME TO HAWAII. We need to line up a couple more vehicles. We currently have two. Four is the goal by the end of the week. Anything you can do to bring in a few more officers would be GREATLY appreciated.
Working on it

Hey Pete,
Back on the isle, and am trying to get the word out. I am going to be in contact w/ other guys in the HPD, as well as the other guys on the forums. The Pedder's cruise / meet & greet is taking shape. I am committed as well as Rico. I will be in touch w/ him and we'll get out the word, and do what we can do. How's the shop search coming? Stay in touch.......send me a PM , e-mail or reply on the forum. You also have my cell, I think. Iwill be in touch later on in the week. :beerchug:
How was your vacation on the mainland?

I am checking in with corporate to see if we are ago for installations at the shop we had discussed. We should have a go / no go from them by Tuesday.
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