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anyone feel like a cruise?

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I always miss the m&g and i'm feeling the itch for a good drive. anyone intrested and ideas welcome :driving:
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I'm down...

sure me too because I mixed up todays meet and greet I thought it was tomorrow, and I am shipping my car on the 15th so this sucks
yeah i leave for 6 months on the 15
I'm up for it. It'll be my first if I can make it out.
Don't feel bad Ness, I screwed it up too! For whatever reason I thought it was Sunday too. I get up early yesterday to detail the car and my wife asked me "Why would they have a cruise on Mother's Day?". So I checked the forums and sure enough it was on Saturday. To answer the forum, yes I would be interested in a cruise...I put the Bee on a boat out of here in about 2 months.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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