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Anytime it states a 75% Reduced Damage Rate, I stay away from. LOL I would hate to be in the 25%. I honestly have not heard of anyone that has purchased this product. Most have got the OEM parts from online discount places. I got my front fascia from Ebay painted to match but it was not OEM. The cost to get the OEM parts and then have them painted would have come out about the same. Here is everything you need to do the transformation. I have used Mac Haik Dodge discount online for most all of my parts. They are the cheapest around. (Even beats Steve White Motors that some folks use) I painted the side rockers myself. Never again but they came out great. Just cost me more for supplies than if I would have paid someone.

SRT Side Rockers:
1QA51TZZAC srt sill cladding
1QA50TZZAC opposite side
68092697AA lower clips 5 per side 10 total
6509049AA push pins if needed should be reusable but 4 per side 8 total

Front Fascia:
Front Bumper: 68071974AB
Upper Grille 1VE09DX8AA
Lower Grille 68071981AA
SRT Front Belly Shield is: 68053676AC
Fog Light Bezels: Bezel R- 68072020AA Bezel L- 68072021AA;
Fog Light assembly 5182021AB x2

SRT Style Rear Spoiler got off Ebay painted for less than $140
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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