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Any Trustworthy Mechanics in North Jersey / Rockland County?

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I was wondering if anybody knows of a reliable, trustworthy mechanic in northern Jersey or the Rockland county area. Preferably a small shop with a reputation for quality work.

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to take your car to the dealer and have peace of mind. Especially when it comes to a performance model. Last time they did my oil change, a mechanic dinged my car with a hammer or something and costed me $250 to repair it because I left my car in valet mode. Plus, the million other stories about mechanics being money hungry and lying about work that doesn't really need to be done or messing something up on purpose.

I really don't like the fact that they have to take your car to the back where you have no visibility whatsoever and they can basically do whatever they want to it. So I began doing oil changes, rotates and basic maintenance myself. But in terms of other work, it'd be nice to have a mechanic who is trustworthy who can do it. The sorta places you see YouTubers take their cars to.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you fellow Charger owners.
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I have to know, how did your leaving it in Valet mode cause them to ding your car? And if THEY dinged your car, why did you have to pay for the repair?

I've heard stories of mechanics who joyride cars and do burnouts and who knows what during test drives. When your engine has a lot of power and you see the owner put a lock on the power, it can definitely leave a foul taste in the mechanics mouth, depending on who it is. I don't know for sure if that was the reason, but its likely. The ding was definitely not there before I arrived and was very close to the roof of the car. When they lift the cars its extremely unlikely for someone to have dropped something on it. Even the Paint less Dent Repair guys said that this was definitely a hard and calculated blow.

Also, I noticed it much later since it was in a hard to see spot and I didn't want to go back and start a war with the dealer. Plus the dealers where I live are backed up and most appointments need to be scheduled months ahead.
To actually think that a grease monkey dented your car because you had it in Valet mode is a seriously paranoid stretch dude, seriously.

If you didn't trust the dealer enough to let them take it, you shouldn't have gone there. The techs get paid by job rate, not by the hour. The more jobs they can get done, the more money they make. They don't have time to be joyriding your car lol

I take the Beast to the dealer all the time and I'm not worried about them testing out 850hp

I did have some level of trust them until this happened. Also, listen to what you are saying. "The more jobs they get done, the more money they make," - that basically means they don't give a crap about your car and you're just another number in line. They definitely won't do a reliable job if they are operating based on speed. Hence, the point of my post. I'm looking for a shop that will operate based on quality, not quantity.

Plus I wasn't saying that they we're joyriding my car, its something that does happen during certain inspections and does happen from time to time. To assume that dealers are reliable and trustworthy is just living in a fantasy, there are myriad of stories out there. I may be a bit paranoid, but better safe then sorry. Also, nice flex.

Plus we are going completely off topic, I was asking for mechanics. Please don't comment if you are looking to nit pick on details.
Well, I figured since you had 4 or 5 other posts looking for speed shops and mechanics, I could ask an honest question on this thread. Especially since you gave such vivid details about it being a deliberate "hard and calculated blow".

Seriously, if it was that bad and you cared about your car as much as you presume to, you'd have seen a deliberate dent before you even left the dealership. If you had trusted the dealership as you say, you also wouldn't have put it in Valet mode to start with. Evidently you DIDN'T trust them to start with.

Either way, the lube tech didn't get pissed about Valet mode and smack your car with anything. Get over yourself.

My comment about my car wasn't a flex dipwad. My car isn't a secret here. Most here know me and have full confidence in me knowing MY sh!t. Nice try at a jab though lol.


Public forum. If you don't like the answers/ opinions you get, don't ask the questions. It's pretty simple.
You know what they say, sometimes people get wrapped up in their own ego so much that all they see is other people's ego's. You are flexing, without realizing it. You just simply don't realize your flexes.

Take a look at your second apparently justified flex in response to my last comment, "Most here know me and have full confidence in me knowing MY sh!t,". I won't even begin to comment on that, that's self explanatory. Plus the subconscious need to justify yourself spells low self esteem, which is hand in hand with ego.

Also, your logic is flawed. Are you trying to say because I didn't visually inspect every inch of my car I don't care about them ruining something mechanically? That doesn't add up, conversation wise and on paper. Cosmetics and the mechanical side are two different things. Yes I care much less about having a scratch on my car then I do about having a loose screw on the engine mount.

P.S I look forward to your next reply.
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