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Any one in need of a parts car in hawaii?

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I'm getting ready to transfer to Washington, and I have to sacrifice the charger instead od the Durango. It would ideally be used for parts since the motor has lost all its compression. If you need parts it would be good to pull off of. I never got to install the Arrington power trip package, but they are also available. I will be flying out on the 21st and wanted to see if anyone here needed it. If not it will be repaired or sold to a salvage yard. I'm doing it like this because I'm trying to buy a house and just got told how much the repair would cost. Since we are close to closing, any changes financially will affect us getting or first house. If you want it let me know before salvage gets it. Oh yeah, clear title. It needs a new bottom end. The top end is fine and I had new parts for that anyway, (stage 4 ported heads, cam, throttle body). Just under 85,000 miles. It is in the shop right now but if you contact me and want to see it just let me know. In a week it will go to the classifieds and after another week salvage. Give me an offer.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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