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Any ideas for my charger

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I own a vanilla colored charger R/T. I am not sure how I want to design it. I like how it looks and dont want it too much on it. I am a female that owns one. I dont want it too cute and pretty. I want it to still be mean but a good look. Any ideas would be great. I have a picture but my computer has issues, it wont let me down size the picture. You can go to my profile on yahoo under faith_nomore86.Thanks
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Have no idea why, but here is the profile. I know I am tinting it and I have the tips on the exhaust, but I just dont know as far as a design. I am really simple. I like to do the work myself, but I live in this small town and they have no one that does custom designs anyways. I really wouldn't know if I trust any other than me to do it.
Loved the ideas. Yeah I wanted to keep it simple but give it my own thing. I was also thinking of getting a hood scope, but really dont know. I got the tint coming and the tail pipes, but not too sure about the rims. I like these they remind me of the 69 Charger rims. Just these are not steel or shiny chrome like I want. It just looks like it needs one thing to just go WOW, other than me sitting in Thanks for the idea though.
I had a 69 Charger that my father rebuilt for my brother,but he wasnt old enough to drive. So I drove it. Then the stupid thing was that he gave it to my brother and he ran it into a poll and destroyed it. Same for his mustang, his bike, and what ever else he can get. I took good car of my rides. I think I am the only female that has one or is there one out there that knows what they just kidding.
I have already raced it out on !-95. I take careful because cops around here love speeders even if you are 5 miles over. I dont get speeding tickets. I just got one for following too close. That was funny. I dont care.
THe cool thing is that when you hit 100mph that body starts to drop and then when you hit 120mph the whole body drops low. It is so neat. I dont do it too often but man feels like it is floating. I love the steering control. It hugs curves nice without having to hold on tight to the grip. I can manuever in and out of cars like you couldnt believe it. The people where I live cant drive worth a lick. ONe old man almost ran me off the road because he wasnt watching before he was turning and his little dog kept jumping all in the car. I was next to him, how do you not see me. I am a pretty loud color, guess it blinded him. lol. I had to jump the curve and get back on to save it from getting hit. I would be so embarassed if it got hit. The speed limit was 40mph. Yes I was going that fast too. But anyways later.
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Let me know when you find that link... thanks
My husband wanted me to get black, but I think black, red and blue are the popular colors. I like to be different. Explain ghost flames. Not sure if that is me, but wondering what it is. I was thinking of something ripping through the paint. Not color just a little piece like it is peeling the paint back towards the end or on the hood. I am a big American girl. My house is decorated in red whit and blue, and I have in my back window laying down a flag and red white and blue hair tie on the mirror. THinking al american for it.
That would look cool on my car. Neat idea thanks. MIght not do it on the hood like that. Coming from the tires or something different.
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