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3R Racing ( will be joining us at the SRT Nationals!

3R Racing is bringing two transporters, since like the other WC teams, they will be stopping by between World Challenge races, for your enjoyment in the Pro Paddock.

Out of those transporters will roll the Viper Competition Coupe and two SRT-4R Challenge cars that they are developing. They will be testing all of the cars Wednesday on the roadcourse with the other W.C. teams, and joining us on the track on Thursday.

Driver Rob Holland will be on-hand, and several other pro drivers are expected to join him.

Personally, I continue to be amazed at the level of participation, not only from the Pro teams, but from the participants as well. This makes about 10 confirmed real road race cars that you will have access to in the paddock, and the Drag Race teams are starting to sign in as well. We'll have 10 second privateer teams (regular people like us on the forums) and a bunch of sub 10 second cars representing the professional ranks. What's important to realize is that the pro teams are there because they want to be, not because some big sponsor said they have to be there. They are paying us to be there, helping us pay the rent on the track. Be prepared to take advantage of them and their generousity. If you want to know something about car setup, ask them. If you want to know what you need to do to bring your racing program to the next level, ask them. If you want a job, you'll probably never be in a better position to introduce yourself, and ask for one.

See you in Topeka!
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