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Ok so I got my steel wheels/snow tire combo installed and set the torque for 140 lbs as that is what I could find for guidance.

I received the following info about torque

"In 2011, the Police Supplement lists 133 ft/lbs.

By 2012, 110 ft/lbs was the only listing in the Police Supplement, and this is still the requirement for 2014 according to the most recent Police Supplement Manual.

So, the current torque ratings for 2014 models are 110 ft/lbs for the police wheels and 130 ft/lbs for all others."

Ok so I went out this morning and retourqed down to 110 on each wheel. I ran them at 140 pounds for about 1100 miles prior to bumping down to 110.

A couple of questions popped into my head.......why the difference in torque values between wheels if the value is based on the stud and not the wheel? If I did over torque did I do any damage as in the lugs won't hold at 110 pounds now? My guess is no if it calls for 130 pounds for non steel wheels?

Lastly these ratings come from a police is possible the studs on a police model are different than a civilian Charger?

Trying to learn as I go
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