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I am in the planning stages of installing a carputer in my 2007 Dodge Charger (with limited funds). I have everything but the lockpick. It will be mounted on the rear of the fold-down back seat.

Can someone check this over to make sure I'm not missing anything before I start the installation?

1) Factory installed REC NAV system (in-motion hack)
2) REC Lockpick (connects to NAV with 3 shielded RCA cables-Video/Audio)
3) 12V DC Carputer (Celeron D 1.2GHz 1GB RAM 80GB XP Pro)
4) 4-port mini-USB hub
5) USB mini-keyboard
6) USB mini-trackpad
7) Verizon phone for internet (Samsung Omnia with tethering)
8) External USB CD/DVD slot drive
9) Directed HD Radio with USB GUI Interface

Any help is appreciated. I don't want to rip anything apart if it isn't going to work. I will post pics if/when it is complete. THANKS!


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