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Another 1st For PowerWagon896, SRT Axle Gears in an R/T

1st to run a 6.1 manifold on a 5.7, 1st to run "skinnies" on an LX and now the 1st to successfully install the 3.06:1 SRT diff in an R/T.

Thanks to Fast56K who sent me a TCM that would alow HAL to be happy W/the new axle ratio, the "Mango Express" is alive & well & loving the 9% better gear ratio.

The 3.06 diff yields a 4.32:1 final drive ratio in 3rd gear, the same effective overall ratio W/the 28" 325/45R 17 drag radials as I would have W/a 25 3/4" "short" drag radial W/more footprint. Not to mention the fact that they look a he!! ofa lot better than those itty bitty tires on the rear.

The job is not 100% complete as the TCM shifts a bit soon for the Crane 216 cam. I have a place to start now. The shift points are 5700 1-2 & 6100 for the higher gears. The 1-2 shift is fine as I come into 2nd gear @ 4700 RPM, right @ peak torque. The 2-3 shift brings me into 3rtd @ about 4200 RPM. Still not bad though.

Now all I need is a good cool night @ the track W/some traction so I can see just how close to 11 seconds I can get.:racing:
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