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I know this isn't for our chargers. It's for a diesel, but I'm wondering about the theory behind it and the claims they make.
They say this downpipe (wrapped with a thermal insulation material) will lower EGT's (exhaust gas temps) thusly giving you more power. Now I understand the more power part (have wrapped headers in the past to keep the heat in the tube to increase exhaust flow, if I remember correctly, and to reduce underhood heat). What I don't get is how this would REDUCE EGT's? Seems to me that if you wrap the tube, that the temps inside would go up (very bad for a turbo), not down. And would keep heat from dissipating from the pipe.
Can anyone help me out with the logic of this one and let me know if it seems feasible?
I am getting ready to install a new exhaust system in my truck and have some of that thermal insulation material left over from an old project and want to know if I ought to do that to the downpipe in my system?


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