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First Open Dyno Day September 26 2009

If you have ever wanted to know much horsepower your vehicle makes this is the event for you!

This event is open to all makes and models. (No AWD Vehicles or Duallies)

We will kick off this event at 10:30 and run until everyone that wants a dyno pull has one.

Dyno fees will be 3 back to back pulls for $50.00.

Dyno waiver will need to be filled out before any pulls are made!

Allusa Motorsports is located at 3514D South Live Oak Dr. Moncks Corner S.C. 7 tenths of a mile from Carnes Cross roads on the right heading to Moncks Corner.

Call Jeff Hunter Or Ted Harris For more info.

843-761-7560 or toll free 866-402-4480
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