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Sorry didn't have a lot of time before work so here goes. You can do the usual tourist stuff no matter where you are in AK. Drive or take a train to Denali park which is ok for the most part its nice up there. If you do go up there I recommend renting a car so you can stop along the way.

If you want to fish go to Seward or Whittier and charter a boat, Whittier is closer than Seward but you have to drive under a mountain so there are certain times you can go.

White water rafting is fun but the water is cold and may wouldn't be the best time, for me anyways.

I drove down to Chitna last summer, its a very nice drive lots of hiking and you can drive to a mine (dont remember the name). Also if your feeling adventurous you can drive the haul road, I've done it many times being a well driller. Its a hell of a drive and you should take precautions but you'll never forget it.

If your feeling super duper adventurous you can charter a plane and fly to a village, see how village life is, I've drilled in a lot of villages, some hate whites some don't I can tell you the best to go to. You can take a helecopter to Mat-Su glacier and bum around hike eat lunch on the glacier.

I've got a bunch more ideas, going to talk to the wife and see what she says but again it depends on what you like to do.
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