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Air Bag light will not come on...

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I know, most everyone hates this dreaded light. Trouble is, mine d/n come on ever...06 Charger SRT8. Trying to verify if system is working or not.
Car was in a wreck years ago and Drivers airbag was of the things I found when I first got the car...Horn d/n work...deployed airbag was reinstalled instead of replaced. I replaced Airbag, Steering control module, clock spring, and column. Tried the gage cluster self test by pushing the odometer trip button, turning key on, then releasing trip button, all other lights test including gage airbag light.
No codes set except U0184 and U0186...which are no comms with Radio, no comms with Audio amp (has an aftermarket Pioneer stereo system installed). I verified good power to occupant restraint controller on C2 pins 16 and 24. Passenger side Switch bank works as advertised. Diagrams don't show the airbag signal that lights the light in the temp gage part of the cluster? Does show an Indicator Dimmer Signal coming from Switch bank pin-6 to Cluster-C3 pin-2, but that looks like its maybe a signal to decrease the light intensity of the pass side "Air Bag Off Light" for driving at night, or when you turn the cluster lights down. seems like I'm missing a diagram that shows the pin-out from OCC to gage cluster-Air bag light? I've looked through 8W-43-2 to 43-7 numerous times and only page -2 comes close, but shows passenger side interface.
I think system is ok, because the OCC is self testing the Passenger side seat sensor and works the pass side light on or off accordingly. light in the cluster could be burned out, as I have no SRS codes (U0184 and U0186 are SRS codes, but are for radio and amp?) Anyone know a way to verify the lite on the cluster? I took the rear cover off the cluster and its a circuit old fashioned lights. Not even sure if it runs off 12v or a lower voltage. I hate to throw $75-$100 at a new cluster that may or may not fix the light.
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Good point. I asked the place that rebuilt the car that very question, but no one could answer the question...they didn't remember working on the car.
Came up with Zilch on how to permanently disable the airbag light. Still thinking the gage cluster light is out, but I read somewhere the airbag light is accompanied by a chime...and getting no chime, though I do from the TPM system? I hate to bring it to Dodge for them to throw parts at it till they really decide to troubleshoot, all at $125/hour. No SRS/gage cluster experts out there huh?
Richd, thanks for the info. I had come across that info, probly in the service manual I have on my computer. The car was in a front impact that deployed the drivers airbag only I think. I did replace all the steering components as well as the drivers side seatbelt assy as that was setting a pre-tensioner code. The ORC and OCM appear to be fine and the only codes set are U0184 and U0186...Radio and radio amp because an aftermarket radio and amp are installed. While troubleshooting this problem (no airbag light) on Sat, I induced 2 codes when I disconnected the pass air bag switch bank to check continuity between the ORC and switch bank...B1206 and B1204...Pass airbag indicator circuit open and pass ind circuit Low....if the airbag light in the cluster was shorted or open, I should see the similar codes being set for it, which I don't. The harnesses going to ORC and cluster and pass airbag switch bank look factory taped/untampered with, and 12v and ground is getting to the ORC per diagram. The car is smart enough to detect a shorted or open bulb, but is not detecting such for the airbag light. Not sure which module does this this, so there is a slim chance the cluster module reports its own faults and is bad, not sure. Would be nice to see the input wire that drives the light, but don't see it on the diagrams. Its possible its a data signal that the cluster turns into a driver for the airbag indicator. Possible the ORC lamp output is bad, or ORC internal failure, but I should be getting a code for this, as the ORC is making the pass airbag switch light function normally. I am leary about Dodge throwing parts at it because when I asked them to look at the Tire Pressure Monitor System I've been trying to diagnose for months, they quoted replacing all 3 transponders for $640....the chances of all 3 transponders being bad is a very low, yet that's what they proposed as a 1st step. I don't think they even looked for codes on the system.
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