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Hey everyone how's it going? Had a quick question. Been working on getting my 5 other speakers up since a break in last year. I have an 06 Charger sxt with no factory amp. With the stock radio installed, I only had sound on the front door speakers. My rear speakers and the top front speakers are hooked up to 1 amp in the trunk and i have another amp powering the sub (7 Total). I recently bought a new Stereo (Pioneer DEH-X6900BT) so I could finally get all of my speakers on. Re-did the wiring, made it more professional looking, soldered and all that good stuff. Hooked it up and everything came on except for the Front door speakers. The sound coming out of them is so low you wouldn't even know they were on. I re-did the wiring for the front door speakers and ran them from the speakers straight to the stereo, skipping the car's harness and it would still sound low. Could it be that my stereo isn't powerful enough to power those 2 speakers? Would the big 3 upgrade help me out? Thanks for your help!
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