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2014 Dodge Charger SXT+ 100th Anniversary Edition
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Hi. Can I add the new yf1234 refrigerant to my 2014 SXT+ Anniversary Edition myself? I read there was a kit somewhere for $45 (Napa?). If so, which port do I use? Is it the upper port with grey cap, or some other, lower port closer to driver's side firewall? Even though I (allegedly) had my compressor recently replaced due to a leak, apparently I either still have the same leak or another leak. AC blows HOT. And prior to AC blowing hot out of both sides (driver/passenger), it was blowing cool out of driver's side and warm/hot out of passenger side. After one of many AC "repairs", the shop left the cap off of the top valve (photo). Is this where I would add the refrigerant?

Also, I was told that you need a special machine to put refrigerant into Chargers 2014 and above; is this true or just some BS? One place I went to said they don't work on the AC that uses the yf1234 refrigerant because they don't have this "special machine" or the correct fittings to add the refrigerant. Anyway I added a photo to this post showing the capped port on my car. Is this the correct port to add freon or is there another? Thanks.


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