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First off, let me say to those who couldn't make it that you missed a good time. We were able to go over quite a few products and knock out some issues in a couple of forum member's rides. Between myself and Dan Lawson who organized the whole event, we took a bunch of pictures. To the guys who came out I want to personally thank you for braving the drizzle and I hope we get to do this again someday. Special thanks to Dan again for putting this together. I had a blast!

Now, let's get to the pics!

Dan provided us with the most excellent working conditions!

Special thanks also goes to the entire Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department for what they do. :thumbsup:

I just love a good looking fire truck!

Getting started.

Check out the swirl damage that is trying to hide beneath the pearl in this paint. As you will see, the paint on this SRT was gorgeous.

The crowd participated with good questions.

I have absolutely no clue what I was thinking here. Maybe somebody asked a hard question and I was debating on whether or not I should hit them with the PC. :lol:

Here I am attacking the damage.

...and now there is no more damage!

More folks started arriving.

We even got into a little wet sanding how to.

...and showed how to fix that damage using the PC and SHR.

Now that panel is really popping!

Even more folks showed up!

The final product. Look at how clear the halogen is now!

This bumper had a nasty scratch in it that a post was created about. Now I have to find that thread so that you can see the before shots unless Dan has some before pics!

After we finished up, we headed out for some serious grub. Dan informed me that there was a reason that they call Jersey "dirty". I got a fork with a little left over lunch on it! :confused:

Group photo!

I tried to steal me a Jersey girl but the security was tight! :D

Me doing my best Steve (Krazytrain) impersonation! :D

Man, that's a steak!!!

Here's where we did our damage!

Well that's all I have. Man, that was fun. The guys up north know how to treat a man to a good time! I hope we can hook up again for those folks who missed out but that may be a while off. To bad, so sad!

The Junkman
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