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Good Afternoon ladies & Gents,

We here at PK Auto Design always strive to find new styles and solutions for our enthusiast community.
We aim to be the first to present these new products however we also aim to ensure quality above all else.

The Ace Alloy AFF01 Ace Alloy AFF02 Ace Alloy AFF04 Ace Alloy AFF06 Rotory Formed lightweight construction made to be cut on order for your Mustang in mind.

The application was developed around the Dodge platform to ensure a proper no hassle direct bolt on wheel.
Featuring modern cut lines and lightweight construction not only would these wheels complement the amazing
bodylines and geometry of the Challenger, but also provide unsprung weight reduction benefits.

Without further delay we present to you the newest addition to the Dodge Application line.

Dodge Challenger

Manufacture: Ace Alloy Wheels
Construction: One Piece Rotory Forged Construction
Sizing Application : 19x8.5 | 19x9.5 | 19x10 | 20x9 | 20x9.5 | 20x10 | 20x10.5 | 20x11 | 20x12 | 22x9 | 22x10 | 22x10.5 | 22x11
Bolt Pattern: 5x115
Center Bore: 72.62 MM
Finishes: varies colors

Key Features
-Light Weight Design
-Hubcentric Application
-Accepts OEM Sensors
-Max concave and weight optimization

Full wheel & tire packages available on demand utilizing
Full Touchless Mounting & Road Force balancing solutions

Ask us about our In-house ceramic Coating Treatments !

For pricing, availability and fitment please contact us below

Email: [email protected]
Direct Phone: 818-632-8943
Shop Phone: 818-408-6989

Ace Alloy AFF01 Matte Black

Ace Alloy AFF01 Liquid Silver Brushed Face

Ace Alloy AFF01 Gloss Mica Grey Brushed Face

Ace Alloy AFF02 Black Chrome

Ace Alloy AFF02 Matte Black

Ace Alloy AFF02 Brushed Face

Ace Alloy AFF02 Gloss Mica Grey Brushed Face

Ace Alloy AFF04 Machined Lip Black Chrome Face

Ace Alloy AFF04 Gloss Black Lip Black Machined Face

Ace Alloy AFF04 Machined Lip Liquid Silver Face

Ace Alloy AFF04 Machined Lip Titanium Face

Ace Alloy AFF06 Gloss Black Milled

Ace Alloy AFF06 Liquid Silver Machined Lip

Ace Alloy AFF06 Titanium Machined Lip


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