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I have posted before about how I seem to almost be involved in an accident about every time I drive my Charger. I live in Illinois and it was raining out I ran out to the local fast food chinese place "Panda Express" which they wen't that fast today. Anyways, I'm driving home going my noraml route and there is this rundown, just poor apartment complex on my way. This old lady driving a POS mini van pulls out in front of me and stops in my lane, becasue the lane she was trying to turn in was backed up due to rush hour traffic. Mind you it's raining and the speed limit is 45mph. I slam on the brakes and skid in the rain to a hault about five feet away from her POS mini van. I lay on the horn and give her the look of death. As soon as she moves she gives me the birdie. I was about ready to get out and smash her windshield with my baseball bat. I mean WTF who pulls out in front of on coming traffic and stops in the lane of on coming traffic. All I could think of was I think I still have back pain, and that Super Bee calling my name at Antioc Dodge but it would't matter becasue of poor people I could buy her van with the money in my wallet. Sorry for the vent but WTF!
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