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A question about the new HEMI and MDS

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Hey everybody this is my first time posting at these forums, which are quite nice btw.

I've been reading up on the new HEMI quite a bit lately, more specifically MDS, but I haven't found out too much other than that it turns off 4 cylinders when the engine is not under load.

This question is more to satisfy technical curiousities more than anything. But I was wondering if MDS when activated (by that I mean 4 cylinders running, and four off) would cycle through the avaible 8 cylinders. By that I mean does MDS alternate which 4 cylinders recieve power during a stroke of the engine, or does the engine simply turn off the SAME 4 cylinders everytime MDS is activated.

Thanks for any insight
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I know the cylinders don't shutoff, but they aren't supplied with the means to make power... they aren't supplied with fuel and a spark, but air does pass through them.

Thanks for an answer though, I figured that it be a p.i.t.a. to engineer a system that alternates which pistons recieve power, seems unnecessary.

BTW Rogelio I like the stripes on your Charger
There are some great threads on this at They know a hell of a lot about the inner workings of the new Hemi, compared to here (I'm judging that based on the number of responses i got from this forum, which is still great btw). I also learned about some other things I didn't know about. But one of the things i read is that MDS will turn off after 6 minutes so that the cylinders, pistons, etc... stay at some sort of acceptable operating temperature. It doesn't say how long afterward it would come back on. Basically what i learned is that the system is not used as much as i thought it would be, it also depends greatly on the terrain and your driving style.

But as far as your question goes... I used to worry about that myself...i do not think that increased engine wear will be a problem in those cylinders, especially if you are keeping a good oil change schedule. Maybe over the course of 500,000 miles it may start to become a problem, but not at 100,000 or 200,000.
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i believe there is a good amount of talk about this in this thread... pretty long but a good read for the most part if you are curious about the effect MDS has on fuel economy and other stuff
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