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For those guys who don't know us I just wanted to give some background history of our company...

We are not a newcomer by any means...and have been in business since 1969, this year celebrating our 40th year!

We have been fortunate to work with some of the best known racers, such as Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick, Sox & Martin, Pat Musi, Tony Christian, Mike Moran, Bob Reiger's 57,as well as many, many other racers.
We have also worked on many custom projects such as The Snap on Tools 57 Glomad project, Sema Cars for Ford, Toyota and Troy Trepanier.
We have even worked with Jim Khoeler building the Avenger Monster Truck!
We have been featured in many magazines and most recently our products were featured on the entire 2nd season of Drag Race High.
I have included a few pics of our work at the end of this introduction.

Not only have we worked with racers, but the owners are racers as well...running the Worlds Fastest Small Block Turbo Charged Dodge Avenger in the 90's!
We believe this gives us a good idea of what guys want when racing or showing off their cars...not only a great looking product, but one that is light, fits nicely and will stand the test of time.

We hand make every one of our products at our location in Addison, IL - up near Chicago. We also have a show room where our customers can drop by and check out our products!

We have worked with the LS1 crowds, offering designs that were not available prior to us making them, such as our Sunoco hoods

Or Our 4" WS6 Hoods:

Because of our customer service and most of all the quality of our products, we have built a great reputation on these boards/forums.

We hope that we will have the same amount of success here - making great designs for the Chargers and getting to know many of you on the boards.


57 Glowmad

The Avenger Monster Truck

Arnie's Famous Tameless Tiger

Tony Ortz Firebird

Jimmy Byrne's Mustang

And this is just some of the examples of our work that you can see when you visit our website at
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