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a/c fan & engine fan connected?

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If someone could point me into the right direction it would be very much appreciated. The other day at a red light i noticed that the a/c wasn't cold but as soon as i started driving again it got ice cold. So i checked (per a friends advise) and sure enough the fan under the hood was not running.
Well today sitting at a light i noticed that the temperature was climbing pretty fast. Again, as soon as i started driving the a/c got cold and the temperature went down.
So i checked under the hood and looked more closely this time. Both of the fans against the radiator are not running. Are these two connected or would there be a fuse that runs them both. I would think that chances are pretty slim that two unconnected fans would go out at the same time. I could be competely wrong thought.
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I should also add that it is a 2006 V6 3.5L
Are the fan blades broken??? With the key off do the fan blades spin freely??? Is the Check Engine light on???
Electric fan?

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The fan blades aren't broken. By looking at them everything looks normal. They don't turn on with the key or when the car is running, even when warm. It's as if both motors went out at the same time.
They are the stock electric motors
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