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$860 for Tires?

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I understand that everything in Hawaii is expensive.. but $860 for four tires? Come on... Theres gotta be better shops out here. Would anybody be kind enough to assist me in pointing to fair place? Oh, BTW, I finally received my car so I will definitely make it to the next one. Hopefully...
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Depends on Size & brand of the tires. i have 4 Eagle Gts for my 22s and they were $800 with a $100 mail in rebate
I paid 800, mounted and blanced @ Ron's in Kalihi. Falken 452's. 20".....that was the best price I could get.....

look forward to seeing you and your car....take care
What size tire are you looking for? you could always order online and have em shipped. might be alittle cheaper depending on the size. mounting isn't really that much
Good luck dude that is a good price. You will learn real fast that you in fact pay out the ass to live in paradise.
That's not bad. The cheapest I found my 18" Goodyear Triple Treads was $1000 in Chicago :(
I live in Canada, and I can get 2 tires for that price, lol so I think that's pretty good for 4
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