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Now available are the CMJ Performance Southern Hot Rod Bullet/Harrop Twin Screw Supercharger Kits.

These are the Best most Aggressive Supercharger on the market and not for the weak of heart. This is the kit to have if you want the best performing twin screw on the market.

The Kit Includes Everything you need to install this supercharger minus a tune.( you will need a CMR Tune) including a redesigned Bypass valve.

Non-Intercooled 5.7 and 6.1 kits will run $6995.00 Plus shipping
Intercooled 57. and 6.1 kits will run $8995.00 Plus shipping

6.1 kits will Run 4 lbs of boost and will include 60 Lbs injectors, Boost-a-Pump and a 2 bar map sensor with adapter.

5.7 Kits will run 6 lbs of boost and will include 47 Lbs injectors and 2 bar map sensor and adapter.

High Boost options are available

Big Dog Fuel System with Billet Rails and High HP fuel Pump $2599 with Purchase of the Supercharger.

Heavy Duty Trans Package $4299.00 with Purchase of supercharger.
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