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2020 Scat Pack Plus Pitch Black
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Hi folks. So I was recently in a small fender bender and both my fenders got repainted. Both fender badges were removed and since I had them swapped before with black ones the shop didn't replace them as I didn't want the original ones back as I like my blacked out ones better. Anyway is there anyway someone could measure theirs off their car so I could place just the "392" in the oem location. Here some pics for reference of how they look like. Thanks.

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Your car looks clean and pure. I took off my HEMI underneath the 392 as I like that so much better than the giant badge with the 392 and HEMI underneath. I like the look of the Daytona 392 and the Durango 392. I really like the black 392 on yours, red would have worked to to match your brakes but black is working man AND I like where it's placed. Looks like the Daytona position vs the stock position which is exactly 392 size lower.
I'll show you mine which is lower from the factory.
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