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2017 Scat Pack. Procharged 426. 850ish on pump 93
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I see what you did there Yes unfortunately there was body work done and both sides were removed. I should have measured but I had headaches with the bodyshop that it made me forget a lot of things. I had to literally fight with them to install the bumper properly and to match the bumper better with the car. It looks great now tho.I'm intrigued now. Need a sneak peek.

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Nothing to see here other than a poor choice of words in the waking hours lol

I debadged the sides for a little more stealth. I love sleepers. From the back, you'd think it was a 5.7. From the sides it's a GT with the performance package. The front still wears the SP badge, but once it's fired up, all thoughts go out the window.

I've been cussed out more than once because someone thought it was "just a (whatever)" lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts