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i just got home from the track

made 4 runs tonight with my new srt8
1st 13.5 @ 104
2nd [email protected]
3rd [email protected]

and then it happend!!!

60ft 1.94
330 5.50
1/8 8.4
mph 83.8
990 10.82
1/4 12.99
mph 108.38

it was about 70 degrees here and the barometer was 29.3

the air was far from perfect

there were 3 new mustang gt's running 13.7-13.8s

i race a 2004 cobra on the 13.24 pass to his 13.17 which was his best of the night

i have to say this is a badass car it really is awesome!!

im into fast cars as you will see in my sig . and im pretty well know in the ls1-ls6 forums with the gto&Z06

but i have to say the srt8 is an all around great ride

everyone was amazed at the track tonight with this car

temp tag on the back window and less than 1000 miles on the odometer

when it cools down here and a cold air intake and exhaust
i can see 12.7s with no problem

i picked up the beast 10 days ago and its been great

i know this is my 1st post and all but i have been lurkin for a while now

this site has been great


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I hope to see my SRT8 in the Mid 12's at some point. I'd be happy with that.

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wow man thats awwesome

now, someone needs to take a stock RT to the track so the rest of us can see what it can do! :wink:
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