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I have a 2009 Charger Police 3.5 L, and a 2007 3.5 L police Charger. The 09 I've had 4 years, the last two years with this problem, the 07 I've had 6 months and now with the exact same problem.

The engine will go into "limp" driving slow, fast, accelerating, decelerating, stopped at a light (which it usually dies), cold, hot, one minute after a cold start, or two hours after I've been driving it. I can force it to do this by just letting it idle for more than jus a few minutes, or after its does this with very few exceptions it won't do it again unless i turn the engine off and restart it.

When it does it, it has the "Throttle body" light on and the "Traction control" light on, the engine will rev up considerably and the power will drop tremendously, after pulling over, turning the car off and restarting I'm good till at least I turn it off again, most times.

The 09 started for no apparent reason and I finally gave up after months of searching wiring harnesses, replacing the throttle body, and asking questions, and when it slowed to one time a week. The 07 was doing great till a head gasket replacement was necessary and it started doing this as I was purging the coolant system on start up, and does it within the first several minutes of running every time.

After turning both cars off, and restarting, the cars have not codes, no history of codes. The 09 has 300K miles, no mods at all, very well maintained for the last 200K. The 07 has 100K, no mods, and appears to have been maintained.

After this 07 started this I've got to believe someone has seen this before. I'm Lost!!!
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