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Hey guys, i'm a member over at 300cforums and was trying to get these wheels moved in order to pick up some Vossen wheels. I just copy-pasted the thread over from there! Please e-mail me if your interested and reply in the thread!!! thanks!!

Hey Guys!

Up for sale are 22x9.5" MOZ Dinner Roll Chrome/Black wheels & Hankook Ventus 265/35/22 tires. They both have a little under 5,000 miles on them. they're virtually new. the tires have a TON of tread on them, virtually new. two wheels have small dull spots on the lips of the wheels, but it's extremely hard to spot, as you kind of have to look for them. Also, the paint is peeling on the insides of the wheels sockets, from putting on the wheels with a air socket. The paint is not peeling at all anywhere on the face of the wheel. The peeling will NOT spread at all. The lips of the wheels are around 6" deep.

Only reason for selling is becuase I'm switching up my style, and going to Vossen wheels!

Looking for $2000 shipped to your door in the US!

Please PM if you have any questions, OR e-mail me at [email protected]


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