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Car Information: 2017 Dodge Charger RT - bought used the end of July with 28k miles. Currently has 30k miles.

Problem: There is a violent rattling sound coming from underneath(?) the car that happens as the car transitions back to 8 cylinders after MDS kicks in. No noticeable rattle is heard during startup or at idle.

Reproduce Steps: Bring the car up to cruising speed so that MDS kicks in. Slowly accelerate until the car decides it needs all 8 cylinders again. During the transition, a rattle will begin to be heard. As it gets closer to be back to 8 cylinders the louder it becomes. Once back to 8 cylinders, rattle is gone. Please note that when in sport mode I do not notice the rattle. This may be because it's not as loud, or just isn't happening. Also note that the fast speed that I'm travelling, the quicker the sequence making the rattle less noticeable. When travelling at 40ish MPH, I can cause the rattle to stick around for 5 or 6 seconds by keeping it right on the edge of switching fully back to 8 cylinders.

Solutions that have been tried: After the first trip to the dealership, the said that it was the active exhaust valves causing the issue. Instead of replacing the whole exhaust for a large sum of money, I choose instead to do the AEV Delete and had the valves completely removed. When that didn't solve the problem, The dealer kept the car for another few days and couldn't find anything. They said that they added a case to the engineering team and they would let me know if they heard anything back. After reading these forums, I was going to lower the cross members underneath, but while it was up on a lift for new wheels/tires, I checked and there was at least 1" of clearance between the exhaust and cross braces. They also said there were no issues with the lifters and that compression was fine (there is also a slight tick in the engine that can be heard at idle).

Any ideas on what to check next. I'd like to get this fixed up before the warranty is up. I know exhaust isn't covered, but if it might be a bigger problem, I would like to catch that sooner than later. Any insight, help, or direction would be greatly appreciated.
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